Our Vision

Under the Leadership and Professionalism of Creative Director Htay Min Htun, of the MYANMAR MODELS MANAGEMENT AGENCY within its existence as it stand today since 1997, have proudly presents professional performance, organizational and professional skill in organizing and implementing various kinds of events for Promotion of Products and Business Marketing Processes through performances and arrangements of Occasional Events, which are being rewarded satisfaction by the individual companies concerned.

The MYANMAR MODELS MANAGEMENT AGENCY while trying to enhance more professional capacities in the trade, is always trying our almost abilities and endeavor to be the best professionally in the sole interests of our customers through our competent expertise and professionalism of the trade.

As such, “MYANMAR MODELS MANAGEMENT AGENCY” under the direction and leadership role of the Creative Director Htay Min Htun, would look forward to serve the interests of “SAMAUNG ELECTRONICS TOUR PROGRAM” to the best our abilities and endeavor, taking into the sole consideration of the desire and Professional Satisfaction of the Board of Director and Management Body of the Samsung Electronics company.

Let us have opportunity to serve your interests and show you our talents, expertise and professionalism.