Professional Performances and Events Management Activities

The professional performance and event management activities have been appreciatively acknowledge by the respective companies and business establishments concerned for their promotion of their products and business marketing processes through professionally organized management for various kinds of Occasional Events as occasions arise in the whole the union of Myanmar.

To name a few, where “The Myanmar Model has physically involved and manage events of any dimension, big or small, the professional performance, organization and managerial skills of Creative Director” can be visualized and regarded “Successful presentation of events” by the following Business Enterprises mentioned below within a period of the decade commencing from the year 2000.

Occasional Events Performed for the interests, promotion of products and business marketing for the companies and business enterprises concerned.

(a)    The Electronic Companies and it Representations:-

-          Nibban Electric and Electronic

-          View Sonic

-          Toshiba Electronic Product (Lucky Bird)

-          Sony

-          Canon

-          Panasonic

-          General (World Wide Networking)

(b)   Cosmetic Companies

-          Paul Mitchell

-          PUPA (Italy) Product

-          Revlon Products

-          Pantene

-          Nil Expert (Singapore)

-          Camella

-          Ecoree and Lisenge (Republic of Korea)

(c)    Companies and Established dealing in Pure Drinking Water

-          Alpine Co

-          Mya Nanda Co

-          PMG

(d)   Medical supplies companies

-          Mega Life Sciences

-          AA Medical

-          United Pharma

-          Fair Deal

-          Zar and Zar Co., Ltd

(e)    Petroleum Companies

-          Smart Technical

-          Schlumberger

-          PETRONAS Company

(f)     Miscellaneous Products Companies & Consumers Products Companies

-          Earth Trading

-          Heat Wave

-          Supreme

-          Nina Sui (Air Freshner)

-          Emerald (Fashion & Beauty Spa)

-          EROS (Beauty Spa)

-          MK Trading Group (Mistine, RC)

-          TBY Jeans

-          B Cool Jean (From Thailand)

-          Nivea

-          Clear Shampoo

-          Super Coffee Mix

(g)    Watch Companies

-          Cherry Oo Watch Gallery

-          Romanson

-          Orient (Japan)

(h)   Multilevel Companies

-          Nu Life

-          Lucky Time Company

(i)      Big Events

-          Trade Fairs Sponsored by 547 Trading Group

-          Centenary Anniversary Fun Fair sponsored by the Ministry of Forest

-          Grand Royal CC Tour (2006 World Cup)

-          New Look Platinum Lounge sponsored by Tiger Beer

(a)    Upper Myanmar (Sedona Hotel)

(b)   Lower Myanmar (Chatrium Hotel)

Besides Performances of events for Companies and Business Enterprises concerned, as mentioned above, Myanmar Model & Management Agency has sponsored and organized independently such as the Events of Contest below:-

Miss X’mas contest: 1996, respectively held in 1998, 1999, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010.

Manhunt (man of the year 2011, March 31th) Sedona Hotel Ballroom.